Purple Glass Jellyfish Tall/Handcrafted/Glow In The Dark/Home Decor/Glass Art

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Tall orchid purple hand blown glass jellyfish that glows in the dark

Tall Orchid Purple Glass Jellyfish, Glow In the Dark. This is a glass replica of this jellyfish, it's not real. The color is amazing!  This jellyfish glows in the dark a lot, the entire jellyfish glows in the dark. The look of it is worth it's weight in gold.

Approximate measurements are 9 Inches Tall, 4" wide at the widest point. It is packed in a satin lined black box for protection gift giving. Each piece is hand made so each piece will vary some.

This is not the exact piece you will be receiving, If you wish to see exactly which piece you will be receiving, please email me for photos at

When the jellyfish is put on a LED light base it makes it look like the tentacles are moving and as if its alive. LED light bases can be found on the home page. You can also put it in your fish tank.