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How did I get into this type of business?

Posted by Christine on

Eight years ago I was on vacation and saw a piece of glass that glowed in the dark and said to myself, wouldn't it be great to design some glass and use the glow in the dark material in each piece of glass. 

I searched for glass blowers all over to create my ideas. 

Since I started I have over 300 pieces of glass that glow in the dark.   We are continually creating new pieces that glow in the dark. I also sell some of there pieces as well to compliment my collection.

We do not do custom orders unless it's a large order.  We are always open to ideas so be sure to let me know if there is something you would be a great idea.

LED Light Bases

I have several different led light bases that will enhance any of you glass pieces.  The led light bases will give it a whole new dimensional look.  All of the color changing light bases are slow moving and very peaceful to watch.  There is one that is either battery or plug.  The white light base [...]

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Why No Direct Sunlight?

You should never put something with a lot of clear glass in the direct sunlight.  Why?  Glass acts as a prism which acts like a magnifying glass and can start a fire.  The sunlight will never harm or fade your glass piece.  When glass is blown it's heated to 2500 degrees.  You can put your [...]

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Glass makes a great fish tank decoration

Whether you have a fresh water or salt water tank you can use my glass pieces in it.  Put a hand blown glass jellyfish in your aquarium and the clear glass on the jellyfish disappears and it looks like the jellyfish is just standing in your tank.  Lay a starfish against the side of your [...]

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Can I Put Glow In The Dark Glass Outside?

The answer is yes!  You can put my pieces outside for the spring and summer and fall months.  Lots of Flowers with Butterflies on top.  I call them my maintenance free flowers, no water needed.  Display them on your deck, in your garden or in your fish pond.  The only down side is the sun [...]

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Why Does My Glass Not Glow In The Dark?

Your glass needs to be exposed to light in order to glow in the dark.  Some pieces have more glow in the dark material then others as well.  The glass only glows within itself, it will not give off light.  Make sure its in a room with windows during the day and it should glow [...]

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Glass Should Not Be Put In Direct Sunlight

I am asked on a daily basis why does your glass pieces say no direct sunlight?  It says that because when glass is put in direct sunlight it makes prisms and prisms can start a fire. Kind of like a magnifying glass.  It's mostly applies to pieces with a lot of clear glass.  Clear glass [...]

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Are The Jellyfish Real?

This is the questions I get asked all the time?  No the jellyfish are not real!  Jellyfish are all glass, the glass is heated up to 2500 degrees then hand blown into paperweights to look like a jellyfish.  If you were to try and put a jellyfish in glass, a real jellyfish is 95% water, [...]

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Corporate Gift Giving

Corporate gift giving can always be a challenge whether its around the holidays or for a promotion your company is running.  Hand blown glass is good for any age and with so many varieties to choose from at glow in the dark glass you can't go wrong.  Check out our over 300 pieces available on [...]

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How Do I Make The Glass Glow In The Dark

One of my top questions is how do I make the glass glow in the dark.  You need to expose the glass to light.  Natural light is always better.  Artificial light will work as well but the glow does not tend to last as long.  Each piece is also different.  Some pieces have more phosphorus [...]

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